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Thursday, February 21, 2008

A basement remodel: the turning point

My wife and I are finishing our basement in our 1940s-era home. It's a hybrid DIY-get some help project that started in late August. So far, we've had the concrete floor ripped up for plumbing, a huge new electric box and meter installed, and a bunch of electrical run throughout the basement. We did all the framing ourselves, which is why this project extended from August until February before the drywall was up.

But today's the day. The drywall guy is in the basement, right now, listening to oldies and rocking the 'rock. Today it goes from a plastic-sheeted, wood framed, not-unfinished-but-not-finished basement to a Basement. A finished basement. A place where guests can stay with their own bathroom. Where I can watch LOTR and play Wii with surround sound.

To quote RL: "It's a great day in John and Kristin's apartmenthouse."

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