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Friday, February 08, 2008

Romney the latest Republican to surrender to terror

Mitt Romney's concession speech lobbed a fecal shot at the Democrats vis-a-vis the War on Terror. For those of you who missed it, he basically accused Democrats of being surrender monkeys and so democracy had to stand aside. Skemono at the Dead Racists Society has the best analysis I've seen:
Of course, Mitt's party already has surrendered to terror. They are so bowel-liquifyingly scared that they would give up their sovereign rights to be shielded from it; they would flush our national dignity and esteem down the toilet by engaging in, and legitimizing, torture; they would dismiss the Constitution--the very soul of our country--as a "suicide pact" if they deem it provides insufficient protection from their night terrors; they would turn their backs on legal traditions that date back centuries before the founding of our nation; they would allow the president to violate the law he swore to uphold whenever he fucking feels like it, if only he promises to protect them from their Muslim phantoms. And all because they are terrified of the terrorists under their beds.
Sleep tight, Mitt.

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