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Monday, February 18, 2008

Obama: you better stick to universal health care

The time is ripe for universal health care, so as much as I want Obama to win, he better be planning to go for gold. This news about the company he keeps is not impressive. In other words, get on the stick, Obama!

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rick said...

I think it's impressive.

If Obama leads the charge on universal coverage and fails, perhaps it won't be because he ignored certain influential parties.

If he doesn't lead the charge, perhaps that's because he thinks other charges are more important and/or more likely to succeed.

People say they want universal health coverage, but if pressed, some might prefer frozen ice caps to universal coverage, for example.

Further, when most people cite "health care" as an important issue, do they mean to register support for health insurance reform, or are they instead concerned about rising costs?

Since health insurance is a primarily a risk management tool, not a cost management tool (though efficiency may or may not be a side effect of an insurance scheme), perhaps universal coverage is not what most people are really concerned about.