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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Adding (Multiple) File Attachments to iPad or iPhone emails

For a device that replaces a computer for many (iPad) or that can use cloud-based file syncing (both), it’s amazing that you can’t attach files easily to email in iOS.  But with this $0.99 app – iAttachment – and Dropbox, it’s actually pretty easy.

I’d imagine it also works with apps from other cloud syncing services where you can choose “Open In…” with your files.  If so, leave a comment!

Once you have iAttachment and a cloud file app (Dropbox in this example), here’s what you do:
1) go to Dropbox and find the file you want to attach.  The bottom right option is a little icon with an arrow going into a box.  Tap that and pick “Open In…” and select iAttachment.

Do this for each file you want to send.  It’ll take you to iAttachment after each one, so you’ll have to go back to Dropbox for each additional file.

2) Once you’ve imported all the files you want, open iAttachment.  The files will be in the Imported Files folder. Tap the folder to open it, then check each file you want to attach. 

3) Tap the “attach & mail” icon along the bottom.  It will open a Mail compose window with those files in there.  You can delete the text that says they were attached with iAttachment.

Saturday, February 09, 2013

The inside story of Aaron Swartz’s campaign to liberate court filings | Ars Technica

The inside story of Aaron Swartz’s campaign to liberate court filings | Ars Technica:

Should Americans have to pay to access public court records?  A compelling case made by a man who may have been driven to suicide by a government focused on secrecy.