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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Don't read this post

I'm selling some of my nerd gear on eBay and needed a place to post photos. So please skip this post unless you like nostalgic photos of Nintendo Power magazine.

A few bonus notes to collectors: volumes 7-14 were staple-bound instead of glue. This meant that the front/back cover tended to work itself loose with little effort. About half the issues in this set have a slightly loose cover. Vol. 7, by far the worst, is pictured below...

[posting in progress...]

Photo 1: Vol 1 centerfold damage

Vol. 1 (Jul/Aug '88) and Vol. 7 (Sept/Oct 89) covers [these are by far the ones with the worst wear of the whole collection]

Vol. 2 - a fairly representative sample of the first 25 volumes. Tiny rip in binding at the bottom, some cover/corner creases. Most later issues have significantly less cover wear.

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