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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Torture: we only do it when we have to

Jon Stewart's new "Torture Show" explores the Bariyshnikov-like dancing around the definition of torture by the Bush administration. He learns:
  • Waterboarding has been called torture since the Spanish Inquisition and Japanese soldiers were prosecuted by American litigators for using it during World War II.
  • At least three Al Qaeda suspects have been waterboarded by the CIA.
  • The official policy on waterboarding is that we would only use it if we thought a suspect had information about a calamitous attack.
In other words, we use torture on terrorism suspects, despite evidence that it is ineffective, when we feel we have to. Gee, something tells me it wouldn't hold up in international court.

Stewart also notes that:
  • No Bush administration will admit that waterboarding=torture
  • Attorney General Mukasey will not begin criminal proceedings against CIA officials who waterboarded Al Qaeda suspects.
Yeah, land of the free.

Here's Stewart's video segment:

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Kat said...

Hahaha, "Tu-na Al-bacore."