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Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter: the season of combat bunnies

KMF and I were at Easter Mass on Sunday and, as always, I like the people-watching aspect of church. Seated a short distance away was a family, with two kids between 3 and 7 (I'm lousy at kid ages). Probably for Easter, each had a small stuffed bunny clutched in their hands.

For the first half of the service, each held their own bunny. Somewhere in the middle, the younger girl somehow acquired her brother's bunny and had one in each hand. During a particularly lively musical interlude, both bunnies could be seen dancing furiously, often rising in unison above her head and then falling to the ground together.

This musical harmony didn't last. Shortly after the end of the song, the bunny battle began. At first they simply met in front of the girl, with a short tussle followed by one pinning the other to her leg. Then the victorious rabbit would leap high in the air and come crashing down - BODY SLAM! Lagomorph combat continued for several minutes until mom intervened.

Happy Easter!

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