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Friday, March 28, 2008

Lowering the drinking age?

I just heard of a few state proposals to lower the legal age of drinking alcohol in bars and restaurants to 18 from 21. The proposals would leave the age for purchasing alcohol from a liqour store at 21. I can't decide if I think the former is:
  • A Good Idea, to bring college-age consumption into the open. "Better to have them do it in public than hiding in a dorm."
  • A Bad Idea, given that alcohol impairs healthy brain development all the way into your 20s (and thus we should want kids to drink less).
Thoughts? Reactions?


rick said...

Lower it to 18, but only in bars with exactly three windows in counties with at least four lakes, otherwise lower it to 19 yrs only on Sundays.

Jeremy Kalin said...

Bad Idea (remember "Bad Idea Jeans" from Saturday Night Live?).

Teenagers do not show exemplary judgment when it comes to driving decisions. Driving fatalities are a leading cause of death already in that age group.

And this opinion is slightly "official," as I am blogging from the House Floor. Oh, and I get to vote on it. :)