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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

When only the wrong get callbacks

Krugman has an insightful piece about the state of America's ability to problem solve. For many of the major crises facing the country - the Iraq War, the financial crisis - those we ask for solutions are the very same ones who got us into the mess.
  • Alan Greenspan played down the subprime crisis and is being asked for advice on solving it.
  • President Bush and Cheney lied repeatedly about the Iraq War and got re-elected in 2004 (and still have their jobs).
  • And many major pundits keep getting airtime despite being wrong, wrong, wrong.
Heck, there's even a book on the subject.

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rick said...

Is Alan Greenspan a liar? I am under the impression that he honestly held that subprime was not a problem.