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Friday, December 21, 2007

This energy bill overlooks climate change

While the provisions excised (15% renewable electricity mandate) promised to make a real dent in carbon emissions, the two biggest remaining provisions in the federal energy bill won't help much at all.

In fact, the highly touted fuel economy increases may actually increased carbon emissions. Over at TriplePundit, they explore how efficiency improvements tend to lead to increased consumption (via population and economic growth). And increased fuel consumption means more CO2.


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Slummy said...

The problem with this argument is that we should have seen usage decrease with the ~50% increase in gas prices we have seen in the past year or two. A significant percentage of demand for gas is inelastic even for people like me whole fly across the country to get to work.

Yes, CO2 emissions have increased greatly over a period when MPG has increased but that is likely due to our increased standard of living and increased need for electronic gadgets.