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Friday, December 07, 2007

A police chief with respect for 1st Amendment rights

When the Republican National Convention comes to St. Paul, Minnesota, in 2008 it could recall any number of past conventions. What police and protesters look to avoid is a comparison to the disorder around the 1968 Chicago Democratic Convention or the stifling security around the 2004 Conventions in Boston and New York.

The top cop responsible for St. Paul's security for the 2008 Republican convention is taking steps to build relationships with protesters, to more evenly balance security and free speech.
There will be no police officers infiltrating protest organizations, Bostrom promised. Police will be in uniform, not war-like tactical gear, he said. There will be no contract cops, similar to the Blackwater security forces. St. Paul police, not the Secret Service, will be in charge of policing outside the convention site at Xcel Energy Center.
It's a great start. Let's hope the yahoos don't mess up this excellent attempt at providing a free speech zone inside and outside the convention center.

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christopher said...

Who are the yahoos? How sad is it that we are thrilled when the authorities deign to promise they will not violate our rights?