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Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Apple product cycle

Ever wonder what will happen when the next iPhone is released? Read no further than the ultimate Apple product cycle timeline. Some favorite moments:

It all starts here:
An obscure component manufacturer somewhere in the Pacific Rim announces a major order for some bleeding-edge piece of technology that could conceivably become part of an expensive, digital-lifestyle-enhancing nerd toy.
Upon hearing of the new device, fanboys hit the forums with such questions as:
Will it support Windows file formats? Will it work with my ten-year-old Quadra 840AV running Mac OS 8.1?
After the product comes out:
Business Week publishes an article stating that unless Apple immediately releases a Windows version of the new product its market share will continue to shrink and Apple will be out of business within six months. Mac zealots howl with fury and crash Business Week’s email server with their angry rebuttals.

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