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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things that make me pissed #2

2. Lawsuits run amok. When a man's dry cleaner misplaced a pair of pants out for alteration, he took one look at the "satisfaction guaranteed" sign in the window and sued. For $54 million. Even though they found his pants. What kind of idiot has this little respect for the judicial system? An administrative law judge.

[The idiot] Pearson sought $1,500 for every day that Custom Cleaners displayed the 'Satisfaction Guaranteed' sign during a four-year period, multiplied by the three defendants. He also sought $15,000 to rent a car to take his clothes to another cleaner for 10 years.

Pearson said during the trial he would keep $2.5 million for himself and use the remainder of the award to encourage others to file similar lawsuits.

The good news? Justice was served and the the judge lost his case.

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