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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Things that make me pissed #1

1. All the scare stories about Americans having to buy smaller cars because of new fuel economy regulations. No, I don't disagree that cars will likely have to be smaller to meet the 35 mpg standard. What makes me angry is the assumption that Americans should continue to be able to buy the biggest, heaviest, most powerful car they f***ing want:
In the U.S. today, about 70% of car and truck sales sport six- or eight-cylinder engines. In Europe, 89% of vehicles sold have a four-cylinder or smaller engine.
I'm generous, so here's a choice of ways you can contribute to covering the cost of your rampant fuel use. Suck it up and buy a car that helps meet a lower fuel economy standard (the easy way out) or hit up the ATM to cover a $1/gallon gas tax.

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Anonymous said...

I just watched "Who Killed the Electric Car" this morning....and couldn't help but agree with your post "Things that make me pissed #1". I remember hearing/reading about new environmentally friendly legislation in California that would force the auto makers to improve mpg when it was first passed; it was ALL OVER the national news...but I don't recall hearing about the reversal(s) to the CARB laws that resulted in the dismantling of the electric car industry in the US.
Anyway, I wait for the day that a group of politicians have the balls to stand up to the big oil/auto industries and demand what's good (and right) for everyone.