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Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Saving us from terrorism - tasering an airport bicyclist

In world of global warming, you'd think public policy and officials would support bike riding. But then, you might be underestimating the ego of one airport police officer when he's confronted with a reasonable argument against his unfounded edict.

This bike rider tried to leave the Minneapolis-St. Paul International airport by bicycle last September (alongside the road, as is legal) and was stopped by an airport police officer. Even though there are no prohibitions to riding a bicycle on airport property (as long as state statutes regarding bike riding are followed - they were), the officer ordered the rider to get off the road and either walk the bike or take public transit.

After a several minute discussion where the bicyclist pointed out the lack of prohibition, the bicyclist turned to leave and was summarily knocked down, cuffed, and tasered. As he points out in the description, he's not charged with fleeing an officer, so he was legitimately allowed to depart.
What are the police claiming?
That I "struggled" while tased, that I "forcefully shrugged my shoulders", that I was 'resistent', that I prevented a "take-down maneuver" by a trained officer. For the record, I weigh less than 140 pounds.
Translation: the officer needed to chastise someone after getting owned in the legal discussion

For more on the truly outrageous incident, including links to police evidence and the case file, click here.

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