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Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Redistricting Game (pictorial)

Last Tuesday I noted the release of the Redistricting Game, which allows players to see how current laws governing redistricting allow for some tortuously complicated Congressional districts. I played the game a bit, and here's my successful redistricting of the mythical state of Adams, which will now have 3 Democratic representatives to 1 Republican one. Eat your heart out, Tom DeLay!

Before jff (4 seats, 2 R and 2D):

After jff (3 D and 1 R; note that Arnie not only has more Democrats, he doesn't live in his district anymore...):

Fun fact (via Wikipedia): the definition of "gerrymander"
The word "gerrymander" is named for the Governor of Massachusetts Elbridge Gerry (July 17, 1744November 23, 1814), and is a blend of his name with the word "salamander," which was used to describe the appearance of a tortuous electoral district pressed through the Massachusetts legislature in 1812 by Jeffersonian democrats, in order to disadvantage their electoral opponents in the upcoming senatorial election, and reluctantly signed into law by Gerry.

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