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Friday, May 25, 2007

May is the Month of Music for Moldy

May is apparently the month of music on Moldy, so my apologies to those of you wanting more traditional political commentary and nerdery. This phase will soon be over.

I got a free eMusic trial with my Netflix subscription (+10 free songs over the regular free trial) a couple weeks ago and decided to give it a whirl (heck, free DRM-free music!). The motivation was my discovery of the group The Good Luck Joes via Pandora - an excellent streaming music listening/recommenation engine. Several songs from their latest album - "What Do You Think of That Noise?" - came up on my mixed station and I'd liked them all.

Today I launched the eMusic free trial and decided to plung in by downloading the whole album. It's great. I haven't regretted a single one of the songs. You can get a sampling of their music listen to the whole album here.

In addition to enjoying the album, I'm also delighted to discover a band "on my own." Other than my longtime fascination with soundtracks, most of my musical tastes come from others: U2 (MD), Enya/Oasis/Green Day (PF), A*Teens (slummy), DMB (SH and the weekly math commute), BNL (Pho), bluegrass (the parents), Willy Porter and Martin Sexton (KF).

Anyway, today's a good day at work. I'm researching the carbon content of biomass and just finishing my first time through my new album. Fun!

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