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Friday, December 16, 2005

Another day, another beta. This time, Yahoo makes it worth it.

I just got invited to try the Yahoo Mail Beta version today. It's rendered via flash DHTML.

The good:
1. Drag and drop. I can take messages, read them in the preview pane and drop them into folders. Very slick.
2. Right-click context menus. Want to mark that message as read? Done!
3. RSS feeds in my email. Without the fscking ads that Gmail throws in there. That's right, Yahoo trumps Gmail on this one.

The bad:
1. A minor, nitpicky thing: when I dump unread messages in the Trash, don't tell me I have unread messages in the trash. I know they're in there.

The hopeful:
1. That this may be the first step in solving Yahoo Mail's chronically slow access to email.

Overall: A-


G$ said...

Traitor. Gmail reigns supreme!

You mention nothing about mailbox size. How about grouping same-subject messages? Auto-saving on drafts?

Of course, any good idea of Yahoo's is soon to be copied by Google.

Anonymous said...

uh, its not flash, its dhtml

jff said...

Oops, my bad on the flash comment. Goes to show how out of touch I am with web design. Original posting has been revised.

I'm not sure what the typical Yahoo mailbox size is because I subscribe to Yahoo Mail Plus (and get 2GB). Back in the day I needed POP3 access and this was the way to get it. Now I'm just enjoying that I got first dibs on an email address with a dot at Yahoo.

As for grouping same-subject messages, it's called a folder. Yahoo has had them for a long, long time. While I do like how Gmail does message grouping, their address book function has a long way to go to catch up to Yahoo. It also lacks a calendar, which I use religiously on Yahoo.