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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Childhood...a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away

I’m one of those folks who grew up obsessed with Star Wars. I had the figurines whose elbows and knees did not bend. I breathed like Darth Vader. I spent gorgeous summer afternoons watching the entire trilogy and eating candy. So of course I attended the two new episodes when they were released in theaters several years back.

I’ll admit I was disappointed.

The question is, can something that was such a big part of my childhood ever live up to the expectation? Ever since I left Episode I with an unsatisfied feeling I was wondering if I had just expected too much. As the third episode comes out tomorrow, I’ve finally realized:

It’s not my fault.

My rationale? The Lord of the Rings movies. I’m a nerd, I loved the books. I viewed the release of the movies with anticipation and trepidation after seeing what George Lucas did to my childhood memories of Star Wars. And they kicked ass. So the only hope for Star Wars redemption is a good third movie.

I’m in luck.

By most accounts, Episode III is not only far and away better than I and II, but even better than Return of the Jedi. As I liked that film a lot, I’m excited about Star Wars again for the first time since leaving Episode I.

This is good, because the older I get, the fewer things you can indulge in that still seem like somewhat childlike pursuits. Such as eating macaroni and cheese and drinking cherry Kool Aid while watching Star Wars. Or spending an entire day reading a book, or two or three. Or riding my bike aimlessly around town.

But for this week, there is Episode III.

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