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Friday, April 27, 2007

What kind of game cheater are you?

Wired has an interesting look at the different styles of playing video games and how an individual gamer evolves over time. Gaming styles could probably be summed up as:
  1. I'm a god and that's why there's a special mode for me on the Game Genie.
  2. This game could be challenging, if the strategy guide wasn't right here.
  3. I check out GameFAQs when I'm in a bind, but I try to figure things out myself.
  4. You gotta play it natural, no cheats or hints
  5. I only play games one-handed, blindfolded, in the nude...
The article looks at how people often move up the list as they age and how the immersive, all-encompassing gaming experience doesn't mesh with other life pursuits.

Update 4/30: The BBC has a news story on "gold farming" in World of Warcraft, where Western gamers pay for virtual gold earned by Chinese workers with real cash. My favorite is where they use a green screen to put the reporter in the game.

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