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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Get your Daily Apple

Someone out in the web-verse thought my account of the new recommendations for school nutrition was less lousy than others, and the good man at Mark's Daily Apple was nice enough to direct a few people to the Moldy.

I make it a practice to review sites that link here, and I'm pleased once again to say that it'd be worth your time to trackback. The Daily Apple is a site devoted to "taking the boredom out of health" and has insightful and candid commentary on the latest fad diets, health-related public policy, and alternative treatments for common ills such as migranes. Mark has 10 Daily Apple commandments and I think the first one is the best sense you'll get of the site:
1- Eat your daily apple. We prefer Red Delicious. But we’re not opposed to the others. Granny Smith has a satisfying pucker. And we love the Fuji!
So check out his site, or at the very least, post your favorite daily apple in the comments (I'll go with Gala).

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