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Sunday, March 19, 2006

C'mon, all together now

I meant to blog about an interesting NY Times article on Democratic prospects in the 2006 election. Bush's approval rating seeks new lows and even on his vaunted issue of national security, his ratings are falling. But the Times article noted that "For Democrats, Lots of Verses, But No Chorus." In other words, each candidate has their own message to address their Republican opponent, but the party as a whole lacks the cohesive statement such as the 1994 Republican Contract With America.

Despite having waited until this article has been put behind the wall of TimesSelect, it's still an interesting point. Even though Republicans are being swept up in scandals, causing the federal budget to hemorrage money by opposing pay-go legislation, and facing the looming civil war in Iraq, Democrats still don't have a unified opposition message.

It wouldn't be that hard to say:
1) We'll impose strict new ethics standards overseen by a neutral third party
2) Balance the federal budget (like we did under Clinton)
3) and do something smarter in Iraq (you could even campaign on bringing the troops home)

No, I'm not suggesting this is the winning formula, but it's better than no cohesive message at all.

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