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Monday, March 06, 2006

Childhood heroes shouldn't die young

I owe to him part of my lifetime interest in sports and my belief that one not-so-athletic appearing guy can always make a difference. It's in his image that we always tried to make leaping catches at the fence and did that silly kick-swing at the plate. Hearing Bob Casey call his name was the best part of baseball games as a child: We're sad to see you go......the centerfielder....number thirty-four....Kirbeeeeeeeeeee Puckett!

UPDATE: has a nice tribute video including footage of Puckett's most famous hit, the homerun that forced Game 7 of the greatest World Series ever.

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Anonymous said...

Well said. I will never forget watching game 6 with my parents and Kirby at the plate...aaaand we will see you, Tomorrow NIGHT!

I am sure things will change down here, Hunter and Gardy will probably be gone along with TK and some of the rest of the coaching staff. Sad, but I am sure Kirby would want people playing baseball rather than mourning him.