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Thursday, March 24, 2011

This is MY governor

“Every one of those dollars that is cut takes away something that means something to someone’s life,” he said. “These decisions are not just about dollars and cents, they’re about our values and priorities, our values as people individually and our collective values as a society.”
As for Republicans’ flat refusal to consider his plan to raise income taxes on the wealthiest Minnesotans, “all of these draconian measures that are being considered or enacted now are being driven, at least by the majority view, that we cannot raise taxes one dollar on the wealthiest people in the state,” Dayton said. “That priority, protecting the richest people in Minnesota, the highest income earners, the top 5 percent, to pay one dollar more matters more than everyone else paying higher property taxes.”
It also “matters more” to Republican legislative leaders than police and fire departments, public libraries, school integration, special education, public transit, higher education tuition or health care for the elderly, he said. “It’s just a sheer denial of reality” that amounts to “social and economic Darwinism,” Dayton said.

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Joe said...

Jim Wallis says it best, "Budgets are moral documents."