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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Are we human or economic tools?

I just read this essay on the decline of labor unions (and middle class living standards) by David Morris. 
In the last generation, US unions have shrunk in size and influence, largely as a result of a withering attack by corporations and Republicans.  And with that shrinking influence has come a corresponding decrease in the standard of living of most Americans.  Indeed, as we shall see, the correlation between the strength of unions and the strength of the middle class is so empirically strong it might well be considered causal.

What bugs me the most is that the decline of unions has been a deliberate strategy of large corporations and the Republican Party, and that their demise undermines the middle class.  I understand that corporations might like to see us all as little cogs in their profit machine, but it's disappointing to see a political party also selling us out.

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