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Friday, September 17, 2010

Voting, Learning, Happiness, America, Nutrition, iPhone photos, Cats, Flight Search Engine

  • Are you registered to vote?  If you live in Minnesota, check online!
  • Need focus as you learn, mix it up!  Changing locations and varying your topics helps you learn better than cramming a single subject in the library.
  • More money makes you happy to a point, but freedom means more.
  • What it means to be America, a thoughtful 9/11 editorial.
  • The false security of nutrition-based eating, and the value of focusing on food.
    • a) the percentage calories from fat in a food is meaningless,
      b) the percentage of saturated fat in a food is meaningless,
      c) the human body does not need to eat grains, be they whole or refined,
      d) you can forget about reading the Nutrition Facts altogether
  • Finding the date/time for your iPhone photos: a free app
  • Cats should wear collars outside
  • Awesome, visual flight search website

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