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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Republican promise to repeal would toss kids off health care

Who is affected?

Andrew (13) and Emily Thompson (11).  She has autism, he has attention deficit disorder.  And until we got health care reform, insurance companies refused to cover them.

Ryan, age 6.  He survived leukemia.  Insurance companies refused to cover him.

Tucker Morefield.  He's 15 and lives with cerebral palsy and hit the $1 million lifetime maximum coverage on his parent's insurance, so the insurance company stopped paying the bills. 

Health care reform means that these kids will get health insurance and proper health care.

And Republicans want to take it away.


rick said...

Similarly, we should permanently repeal the federal estate tax because cute children benefit.

The Democrats want cute children to be poor!

rick said...

Some Republican strategist *was* thinking about those poor kids!

"But the pledge also acknowledges that the current healthcare law is not all bad: It borrows at least one proposal from the current law -- one that aims to overhaul one of the more nefarious insurance sector practices. The pledge calls for an end to the practice of rescissions, where health plans drop patients once they get sick, and would put an end to discrimination against individuals who have a pre-existing condition. Under the GOP proposal, annual and lifetime caps would also be eliminated. "All of those things we're in agreement with," said Rep. Phil Gingrey, R-Ga., on Wednesday. "But there is so much bad ... in this bill that the easiest thing to do is repeal it and start over."

jff said...

I eagerly await the Republican estate tax anecdotes...