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Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Summary of NPR coverage of new airport security restrictions

  • There are some new rules, but nobody knows what they are, and Homeland Security Secretary Napolitano actually said they are "designed to be unpredictable."
  • Women sometimes have to throw away cosmetics, which they didn't have to do before
  • Women subject to pat down searches that would have "found explosives in my bra"
  • Israeli passengers are sanguine, because they always have had tight restrictions
Questions they might have missed:
  1. What are the new rules?
  2. No, really.  What are the rules?  
  3. Isn't transparency important so that airline passengers can prepare (and avoid having play-doh confiscated)?
  4. Isn't transparency important so that policies are enforced consistently across all airports? 
  5. How do the new rules ensure that another "underwear bomber" would not be able to bring explosives on a plane?  (since it seems that nothing has changed in certain international airports and many terrorists have not come from the 14 countries targeted)
Let's try asking some tougher questions, eh?

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Slummy said...

There are changes flying back into the US. The basic direction I have been given is plan on at least 3 hours prior to departure and no carry-on bag allowed: