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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Running shoes: no better than bare feet?

Interesting article from the British press on the relationship between running shoes, running, and health.  This hit home for me:
In a paper for the British Journal Of Sports Medicine last year, Dr Craig Richards, a researcher at the University of Newcastle in Australia, revealed there are no evidence-based studies that demonstrate running shoes make you less prone to injury. Not one. [emphasis mine]
Other tidbits:

  • Runners wearing top-of-the-line trainers are 123 per cent more likely to get injured than runners in cheap ones. 
  • 'Putting your feet in shoes is similar to putting them in a plaster cast,' says Dr Hartmann. 'If I put your leg in plaster, we'll find 40 to 60 per cent atrophy of the musculature within six weeks. Something similar happens to your feet when they're encased in shoes.'

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Matthew said...

Shoes also encourage you to run as a "heel striker". Can't remember the article, I think it was in the Strib, but it said that there are more knee/hip injuries in today's runners b/c as they strike more and more with their heel, they're transferring more of the load to their knee / hip joints by not including their ankles in the equation. 30 years of being a heel-striker, I'm trying to change my form, and it is HARD.