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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Crying wolf in climate change

Climate Progress had an interesting post last week asking why climate deniers always shout down any link between extreme weather and climate change.

I have a better question: what's the danger in having climate change activists link every weather phenomenon to climate change? 

Climate is not equal to weather (for the distinction, click here), but when we blame a given weather event or even a season of them on climate change, we make fools of ourselves the next time the weather reverts to the norm.

Climate change is a long-range phenomenon, seen over decades, and we trivialize it by associating it with weather.

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Real Estate Agent in Vancouver said...

Absolutely agreed, why do the alarmists have the privilege of making these stupid assumptions and convince people that they're idea is the right one and all the other ones are stupid. Grrr it makes me so mad. Linking weather and climate is the stupidest thing in the world and yet it's such a huge thing between the alarmists, so sad :(

Take care, Jay