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Friday, December 19, 2008

When lotion is free and plastic is 2-for-1

It seemed a near-trivial Christmas shopping endeavor. I had wanted to get one of those plastic covers you use to cover your plate in the microwave, to save on all the waxed paper I'd been discarding over the years. I mentioned it to my family, and a few others were interested so I went online in search of three.

Found them. Ordered three.

Several days later the Sears box arrived at work. Opened package. Found three of these:
I've never had a lotion/soap dispenser built in to my sink, but now I own three. I do have three sinks, but no holes for dispensers.

I called Sears. They apologized. Issued refund. Said UPS would come by to get them. They ordered three microwave platter covers (really this time). No shipping cost this time. Saved 50%

Earlier this week, they came.

Three of them, just as ordered. Nice!

Today, I was expecting a package - more internet shopping. Hmm, there are two packages here. One expected. The other...from

Opened box...three microwave platter covers. So, it was a 2-for-1? Or was that first box meant for someone else.

Would not be surprised to see this on Craigslist:
Wanted: three lotion dispensers shipped to me from Sears. Hands chapped, sinks have holes. Help.

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