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Thursday, November 20, 2008

Challenged ballots: you be the judge

Minnesota Public Radio is giving the average citizen a chance to see what the canvassing board will be deciding - what was the voter's intent.  Click on to see challenged ballots in the Minnesota Senate race and to see if you can determine the voter's intention.

Hat tip to GM for the link (via email).

Update (after the quiz)
  • I can't believe people would give ballot #1 to Franken.  I voted Coleman, but I'd rather discard it that accept it.  It's an arrow, away from Franken!
  • On #7, it's a hard one.  I'd argue that the voter started the wrong bubble and then went for their true choice - Coleman.
  • #11 is not an underline, it's a strikethrough.  I gave it to Coleman.

1 comment:

Slummy said...

Looks like your votes were the same as mine. Tough job trying to determine intent on some of the crazy ones.