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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Let science, not activists, figure out autism

There's been some interesting news lately from the presidential race, with Sen. John McCain repeated the completely false notion that vaccines are related to the increasing prevalence of autism.

The scientific evidence shows that vaccines do NOT cause autism.

It's understandable that parents either want a scapegoat for their child's condition or to avoid having their child have autism. But finding the cause should be left to scientists, not activists.

And it works. A recent study suggests that autism may be related to premature births. As medical technology enables babies to live when born very early, it also may open the door to developmental problems. The study is still being vigorously discussed in the scientific community and is by no means the conclusive smoking gun, but at least it has basis in fact, unlike McCain's belief.

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Slumlord said...

Looks like McCain does want the Bush 3rd term since we still see 'Truthiness.' Darn it Moldy, if your gut tells you it is true then it is true! It's the truthification process!