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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Blogging Sporadically

Life has recently held a lot of excitement, which is why the blogging volume is down. A sample:
  • A basement remodel (DIY) has consumed most weekday evenings and weekends. We have a framed bathroom, furnace room, and laundry room (less two studs). The contractor will be back next week - hopefully - to finish off the plumbing and maybe get our electrical upgraded.
  • Cats obtained fleas, adding biweekly vacuuming, weekly cats baths, and twice daily flea combing. I will be a master of lice when we have kids.
  • The former project has left laundry out of commission, moving our weekly (and massive) laundry detail to my parents' house. Thank god for nearby relatives. K, you are a hero!
  • Finished a policy brief on climate change for work, will be speaking at two conferences in the next week, and am writing a 50-page report on rural energy and economic development in my spare time. Did get another nice raise this week. Muchas gracias!
  • Am trying to be more than an observing board member on a nonprofit board I've served on. It means a lot more volunteering to help with events and planning, but at least I feel like I'm earning my seat.
Look for another post shortly with one of my periodic blogging roundups.

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