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Monday, September 24, 2007

Cupcakes - the "deal breaker"

I tried to think of a clever way to re-cast this article on the cupcake, but I really can't. Here's a tidbit on the challenge of excising cupcakes and other sweets from our fat kids' schools:
When included on lists of treats that parents are discouraged or forbidden to send to school — and when those policies are, say, put to a vote at the P.T.A. — “cupcakes are deal breakers,” Professor Nestle said. “It sounds like a joke, but it’s a very serious problem on a number of levels. You have to control it.” (emphasis mine)
And then there's the newly fashionable cupcake an its aficionados, whose recently closed high-end cupcakery drew some venomous detractors:
“At last!” said a blogger posting on “We neighbors get relief from cupcakistas who don’t realize Duncan Hines makes better-tasting cupcakes.”

After a long debate thread, another blogger wrote, “You people need to go back to the suburbs ... Seriously, bunch of grown up New York City residents obsessing over a cupcake shop. I miss the gunfire and crackheads.” (emphasis mine)

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