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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Al Franken brings some fresh air to the latest Iraq diversion

If you have been listening to Republicans for the past few days, the most important national issue is not the increasing quagmire in Iraq, is not children's health insurance, is not mental health parity. No, if you've been listening to Republicans you believe that the national priority is condemning a political ad in the liberal/commie New York Times. Sometimes it takes a humorist to see the humor in the situation (when BNL isn't available):
It is, of course, ridiculous that the United States Senate spent a day debating and voting on a resolution condemning an advertisement while our troops remained in Iraq, fighting a war with no end. And it's doubly ridiculous that [Senator] Coleman, of all people, is still playing politics with this issue.
So what's the appropriate dialogue for a nation at war?
There are more than 160,000 troops currently serving in Iraq. We should honor their service by providing them with the best possible medical care when they return. We should honor their sacrifice by refusing to allow this president to keep them there in the middle of a civil war. And we should honor them by taking seriously the difficult debate about the best way, or at least the least bad way, to end our engagement in Iraq.
It's shameful it takes a satirist to get us serious about this war.

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