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Thursday, August 16, 2007

Why Windows is Free (and what it means for Linux)

Be honest. When's the last time you paid for computer software? For your operating system? Dave Gutteridge thinks the pervasiveness of piracy is keeping free software like Linux from breaking into Microsoft's market share.

His thesis is basically this:
  • Windows costs around $200.
  • Ubuntu Linux is free as in beer.
  • The features of the two systems are nearly equivalent.
So why isn't Linux gaining market share? Because most people don't pay for software in Windows, making the switch seem much less convenient than saving $200.

So here's your chance interact with Moldy! Answer the poll to your right about your computer operating system. Did you pay for it? Really?

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christopher said...

The question of how much windows costs is difficult. Most of us get windows when we buy a new PC - adding to the cost of the box. How much? I'm not sure - $50-$100 or so I would guess. Many places don't give a discount for not buying windows, so once you have it, why not use it? It is comfortable and fairly reliable (especially when compared to my supposedly stable but needs-to-be-rebooted daily macbook)