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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Civil unions don't sound, or look, like marriage decides that the endless supply of civil union supporters should answer to the facts. Are civil unions really just like marriage without the name? Not so much.

What a marriage gets you that a civil union doesn't:
  1. Federal recognition. Want to file taxes jointly? Use a partner's health insurance? Designate your Social Security suvivor's benefits to your life partner? Sorry. Try Canada (rumor has it the health insurance is better anyway).
  2. Portability. Want to move and stay married? Better pick a state that supports civil unions, or you may get a de facto divorce with that UHaul.
  3. Equality. Given the perspective of many that marriage is more than a collection of rights and responsibilities, telling gays they can't do it is a lot like "White" and "Colored" drinking fountains.
So next time a civil union sounds like a good compromise, think Plessy v. Ferguson.

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