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Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Can I be a renter again?

This week has highlighted why the federal government needs to give people home interest deductions to get them to buy houses.

Thursday - noticed water dripping through the basement ceiling from near the bathroom tub. Had already planned grout repair, but now project has new urgency. Cost: $50 in materials, 5 hours in work time.

Saturday - furnance breaks while out to dinner with friends. Although most furnace manufacturers make a good product, I'm told by the serviceman that "every one has a bad model." Great. Not only is the visit outside normal business hours, but he has to make a special trip to pick up our furnace valve (it's a "unique" type). Cost: $500, and one cold night.

Tuesday - garage door fails to open when I try to leave for work. Hmm, are these cables on the door supposed to be hanging limp? Oh, and I bet this roller is actually supposed to be in the guideway, as opposed to on the garage floor. Car was liberated from garage after jimmying with door opener and manually "assisting" the opener. However, broken roller means door looks drunk when closed. Cost: a minimum of $100, and no help until Thursday.

Any good deals on a 2BR with laundry?

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Anagram Mirth said...

For $500/month you can live in our 2nd bedroom. The bedroom has a computer, and we've got kitchen, dining room, laundry, christmas lights, and cat.

And our landlord pays for all the repairs. Sweet.