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Thursday, June 23, 2005

A blogger’s bad day is in ALL CAPS

A fellow blogger and non-digital-world friend apparently had some software trouble today at work. His blog post transmitted his anger digitally via the magic of ALL CAPS, which naturally caught my eye on my RSS aggregator page on Yahoo.*

I sympathize with him, since I’ve had about 27 things to do every day pretty much since school let out in May. Instead of starting summer, I seem to have started the season of NoFreeTime. Ironically, I’m playing ultimate Frisbee and softball with many friends (and some not-friends), seeing my family regularly, and getting outdoors. But everything is scheduled.

And then the weekend rolls around and there’s no free time since I’m moving, switching jobs, and trying to keep up with yardwork, etc. Maybe things will calm down in July…

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