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Thursday, June 16, 2005

The Bane of Baked Goodness

And to top it off, I’m at work.

Mornings are typically slow-paced and relaxing. I’m a putterer and I spend a good hour “getting ready” before I head to work. It’s a good method of mental preparation for whatever the day has to bring.

Not today.

I broke my promise to never, ever touch that damn gas oven again. After the infamous Torched Birthday Cake incident in March, I kept the embargo in place for three months. But I love baked goods. I couldn’t resist trying to bake some banana bread. I even asked KR to set the oven temperature, since the ancient dials are a complete mystery.

There’s only one conclusion: this oven does not like baked goods.

I’ve successfully broiled things in there on two separate occasions. The advantage there is that you tend to watch things when you are cooking. Baking is more of a “leave it alone” business. There’s the busy assembly phase, but once the buns are in the oven, you leave ‘em to bake.

Do not leave this oven unattended.

I have this indignant anger. I will successfully bake something in this oven. I will discover the secret temperature setting that does not burn. I will have baked goodness.

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