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Monday, January 30, 2012

Problems with Catholicism

I was raised Catholic, but the Church's recent activity in the U.S. have soured me.

Example one: protesting a federal government ruling that Catholic-affiliated institutions (not churches) must provide employees with health insurance that covers birth control with no co-pay.  The Catholic Church says that it's morally wrong to use birth control, a fact that 95% of Catholic women seem to disagree with.

This only strengthens the argument by David Morris recently that the Catholic Church is a refuge for totalitarianism, and that it disproportionately focuses on issues of sex and marriage when the gospels focus disproportionately on inequality and social justice.

The Church does speak occasionally on issues Jesus most cared about — the plight of the poor and the needy and the weak and the immigrant. Last year, during the budget dispute, Archbishop Nienstedt wrote to Gov. Mark Dayton asking him to "not rely on disproportionate cuts in essential services to those living in poverty." But he did not initiate committees to influence policies. He did not ask for special prayers at Mass, nor classes on inequality. He did not send teams into high schools to educate students about the dangers of inequality and the growing needs of the poor.

I still like my church, but the Church needs to get its priorities straight.  Inequality of wealth is nearing all-time highs in the United States, and I think Jesus would have spent more time protesting corporate greed that contraception.

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