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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Saved at the last second

You haven't seen much in this digital space, because that's what having two kids does to you.  My daughter, M, was born in late May and managing two children (despite having the most wonderful wife in the world) does not leave much time for blogging.

Last night, I almost pulled the plug on this whole thing, figuring it was better to delete it than not, especially since I had to split the blog in two to easily post interesting stories from my phone's Read It Later app to Tumblr.  But ifttt to the rescue, allowing me to push all those Tumblr blog posts back here.

So here's what's up.  Work has been great, I just hit my 5-year anniversary at my job and am loving it.  I finally feel like I know what I'm talking about, and so do a few others in the field.  Very cool.  I'm hopeful that it means I'm having an impact.

Two kids are great.  M is the world's greatest sleeper, almost letting me forget that she's got a bad case of acid reflux just like her brother.  She also has to have physical therapy for torticollis, which means I'm seen on the front porch twisting her head in strange ways.  Bet the neighbors love that.

If you haven't seen it, read up on the Occupy Wall Street folks.  The Tea Party was mostly an astroturf movement of Fox News meant (heck, it's the third entry when I search Google for "astroturf") to cram budget cuts to save millionaires pocketbooks, but this is the real deal.   These folks are protesting the absurd and unconscionable class warfare of the rich on the middle class since Jimmy Carter was president.  There won't be a middle class if things continue as they are, no amount of cheap crap at Wal-Mart can make up for stagnant incomes.

So if you aren't mad as hell, you've not been paying attention.   

Anyway, I can't promise lots more posts, but you will at least get the good articles from blog #2 right here from now on.  And maybe I'll even write once in a while, too.

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WiseFather said...

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