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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

How Many Fruits and Vegetables Should I Eat: A Visual Guide


asparagusAsparagus: About 4 spears
black beansBeans, Cooked (black, garbanzo, etc.): 1 cup
red bell pepperBell Pepper: 1 cup chopped or 1 large pepper (about 3 inches in diameter)
broccoliBroccoli: A generous fistful (tennis ball size) of florets or about 16 small florets
carrotsCarrots: 1 cup chopped or 2 medium whole carrots (6 to 7 inches long)
cauliflowerCauliflower: A little less than a 1/4 head of florets
celeryCelery: 1 cup diced or 2 stalks (11 to 12 inches long)
cornCorn: 1 cup of kernels or 1 large ear (8 to 9 inches long)
cucumberCucumber: 1 cup sliced/chopped or about 1/2 of a medium cucumber (8 to 9 inches long)
green beansGreen Beans: 1 cup cooked (we counted: It's about 19 to 20 beans)
spinachGreens, Cooked (kale, chard, etc.): 1 cup
lettuceGreens, Raw (lettuce, spinach, etc.): 2 cups (about two large leaves of chopped romaine)
squashSummer Squash: 1 cup cooked/sliced/diced squash or 1 whole zucchini (7 to 8 inches long) or about 1/2 of a large yellow crookneck
sweet potatoSweet Potato: 1 cup mashed or 1 large baked potato (about 2 1/4 inches in diameter)
appleApple: 1 small apple (about 2 1/2 inches in diameter, a little smaller than a baseball)
bananaBanana: 1 large banana (8 to 9 inches long)
cantaloupeCantaloupe: 1 cup diced or about 1/8 of a large melon
dried fruitDried Fruit: 1/2 cup
grapefruitGrapefruit: 1 medium grapefruit (about 4 inches across)
grapesGrapes: About 32 average grapes
orangeOrange: 1 large orange (a little bigger than a baseball)
peachPeach: 1 large peach (about the size of a tennis ball)
pearPear: 1 medium pear
pineapplePineapple: 1 cup chopped (a little less than 1/4 of a pineapple)
plumPlum: 2 large plums
strawberriesStrawberries: 8 large berries
tomatoTomato: 1 cup chopped or 1 large tomato (about 3 inches in diameter, about the size of a baseball)

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