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Monday, November 08, 2010

Tracking Your Federal Tax Dollars

A short, concise "receipt" for your federal tax bill.  I read through it and I always want to know where Republicans will start cutting.  The big stuff is at the top, so will they cut Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security?  Military?  If you drop much further, there's not much to cut.

Maybe we should let some tax cuts expire so we don't have such a big line item for "Interest on the national debt." 

OMGWTFBBQ!  We can't do that, it makes sense!

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Slummy said...

I love it when a bipartisan panel comes up with 'spending cuts' and 'increased revenues' as the solution to our current problems. It gives me hope for a few hours that maybe we will come to our senses, knowing full well that it will come back to 'taxes kill us!