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Monday, February 22, 2010

Two columns on the deficit

I'm not a deficit hawk, only a structural deficit hawk.  I only care about deficits when idiot policy makers make them permanent by cutting revenue without spending (Minnesota governor Tim Pawlenty is a big winner here). 

So here are a couple interesting columns on deficits and their political causes:
  • Paul Krugman notes that Republicans have tried for years to run the federal fiscal ship aground so that they could "drown government in a bathtub."  Well, the ship ran aground, are they cutting government?  Nope, defending Medicare.  And opposing cost controls for the health care bill.  And a climate bill that would reduce the deficit.  Read more 
  • Stephen Cohen discusses how the state of American infrastructure is a clear indication we are under-taxed.  Roads, bridges, schools, they need cash to operate smoothly.  Read more 
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