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Friday, February 13, 2009

Redlining hasn't left

In the "good old days," whites kept minorities out of their neighborhoods by deliberate discrimination, with banks refusing to lend to blacks who wanted to buy homes in predominantly white areas.  While civil rights laws have prohibited that particular practice, financial institutions have continued to redline.

The ratio of rejection for African American is 3, even 4-to-1 compared to whites. 
At the highest income level measured - $157,000 - for every four African American home loan purchase applications rejected only one white applicant was rejected. 
By contrast African Americans and other minorities are much more likely to get costly subprime deals. Again at the highest income level the ratio of African Americans with subprime home purchase loans is 6-to-1 compared to whites. 
And of the 25 largest metropolitan areas, which might you expect to have the worst racial record?  New Orleans?  Atlanta?  No.
Minneapolis.  Way to go, Minnesota Nice.

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