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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Should have gone with coaster

UPDATE (3/2/06): Apparently, this CD had not been released to the general public at the time this was originally reported. The Republican Party has promised that people will be notified that their data will be sent to the party and that the online database of names and responses will be secured (it hadn't been yet).

There's been some news about the Sony rootkit, a program that installs itself in your computer and can disable antivirus programs and or disable your hardware. Offering proof that some people should never be let near technology, the Minnesota Republicans have taken it to a whole new level. Sending you an "informational" CD on immigration and abortion issues that asks your opinion and then phones the information (including your name and address) back to GOP headquarters.

I almost feel sorry for the Republican faithful who get suckered into using this CD for anything other than a drink coaster.


P.S. Do not, under any circumstances, put this in your computer, MyCapacity. It is not a search tool...

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